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Prams & Buggies

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Winther Turtle Kiddy Bus – 6 Seater

Product Code: EB41480
£3,599.95 Ex. VAT £4,319.94 Inc. VAT

Turtle Kiddy Bus – 4 Seater Basic

Product Code: EB41379
£1,495.95 Ex. VAT £1,795.14 Inc. VAT

Turtle Kiddy Bus – 4 Seater Deluxe

Product Code: EB41377
£2,499.95 Ex. VAT £2,999.94 Inc. VAT

Turtle Kiddy Bus – 6 Seater

Product Code: EB41378
From: £1,749.95 Ex. VAT From: £2,099.94 Inc. VAT

Winther Heavy Duty 4 Seat Stroller

Product Code: NE41433
From: £799.95 Ex. VAT From: £959.94 Inc. VAT

Prams & Buggies

Prams & buggies are undoubtedly a vital piece of equipment in any nursery.   Without one how do you take the babies outside for some fresh air? Likewise, what happens when you have more than one baby in your care?  This range of prams and buggies answers all those questions and more.

Safe, secure and comfortable

Preparing babies and very young children for the great outdoors requires careful planning and organisation but is great fun. Whilst it is important they get outside for fresh air they will, for a short time at least be removed from the relative safety and security of the nursery setting. So it is important they are protected outside as much as they are inside because they are reliant on adults for their care.

Very often it is more than one child taken out at once so having a pram or buggy with multiple seats is key. As with a car, seat belts, comfortable seats and strong and solid brakes all play a part. Our range features a variety of styles. Each has its own set of safety features and benefits so you will need to read each one in order to choose the one right for your setting.

Benefits of prams and buggies:

  • allow children to get fresh air
  • provide the perfect vehicle for multiple children to be taken together
  • safe, comfortable and durable
  • hard wearing and versatile
  • manual or electric

And don’t forget that the children will have so much fun as they are taken outside. Fresh air and outside noises all help awareness and understanding of their world.  Children will giggle and listen as they are taken for their walk.