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Reading Corner Furniture

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Infant Reading Corner Set

Product Code: FL13118
From: £569.95 Ex. VAT From: £683.94 Inc. VAT

Infant Reading Corner Seat

Product Code: FL13115
£369.95 Ex. VAT £443.94 Inc. VAT

Combi Kinderbox

Product Code: FL13309
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

4 Compartment Kinderbox

Product Code: FL13116
From: £109.95 Ex. VAT From: £131.94 Inc. VAT

Junior Reading Corner Seat

Product Code: FL13307
£439.95 Ex. VAT £527.94 Inc. VAT

Junior Reading Sofa

Product Code: FL13308
£219.95 Ex. VAT £263.94 Inc. VAT

Solway Reading Corner Seat

Product Code: FG13420
£369.95 Ex. VAT £443.94 Inc. VAT

Horizon – Kids Seating Set

Product Code: FB28028
£299.95 Ex. VAT £359.94 Inc. VAT

Soft Reading Corner

Product Code: FB20133
£129.95 Ex. VAT £155.94 Inc. VAT

Vinyl Seat Corner Set

Product Code: FB28012
£365.00 Ex. VAT £438.00 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Space

Product Code: FR25175
£195.59 Ex. VAT £234.71 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Air

Product Code: FR25164
£195.59 Ex. VAT £234.71 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Nativity

Product Code: FR25168
£234.49 Ex. VAT £281.39 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Black and White

Product Code: FR25167
£195.59 Ex. VAT £234.71 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Fire

Product Code: FR25166
£195.59 Ex. VAT £234.71 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Woodland

Product Code: FR25174
£195.59 Ex. VAT £234.71 Inc. VAT

Large Corner Sofa Bed

Product Code: FB28047
£349.95 Ex. VAT £419.94 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Earth

Product Code: FR25169
£195.59 Ex. VAT £234.71 Inc. VAT

Reading Corner Furniture

Reading corners can be places of magic and wonder for children.  They provide the perfect sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of a busy classroom.  It is the perfect place for children to immerse themselves in a book.

Providing an area where children can enjoy books is crucial in the development of children. Not only can children explore their world through books but they also enhance their ability to understand words.  Additionally they develop their vocabulary, use their imagination and develop their speech.

Reading corners play a vital role in encouraging reading and developing literacy skills in young children. Children need to be able to experience books, enjoy stories and reference books with a blend of curiosity and enjoyment. This promotes the value and pleasure of reading and encourages an interest in reading throughout school and in later life.

Reading corners used to be places that were found mainly in the library section of a school. Now classrooms and nursery settings are trying to incorporate a reading corner into their own individual setting.

Which Style Is Best For My Classroom?  

Reading corner furniture comes in many different shapes, sizes and configurations.  Choosing the right one for your classroom setting can be quite daunting. As well as being practical and functional, reading furniture also has to look inviting to children so they are encouraged to sit quietly and read a book.


Our range of reading furniture includes soft seating corners, reading corners which come complete with kinder boxes with a variety of compartments to hold your reading books.  We also have a range of reading corner seats.

Nature Inspired Reading Corner Furniture

Also included within this range is a stunning assortment of reading corners inspired by nature.


These nature themed reading corners feature a play mat, tufty rug, cushions and a wall hanging to create an incredible visual focal point to any classroom or nursery setting. This range of reading corner furniture provide a calming, restful area for children of all ages.