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Cleaning Equipment for Schools

Cleaning Equipment for Schools

Cleaning Equipment for Schools is a vital part of keeping your school hygienic. Schools and nurseries are busy industrious places during the day. Pupils and teachers alike are scurrying between classrooms on a regular basis treading dust and grime all along the corridors. It’s worse in wet weather when the children bring mud and wet leaves into school on the bottom of their wellies and boots. So it’s important that every school and nursery has a range of equipment for schools to ensure the learning environment is safe ready for the following day.

Our range includes cleaning machines, stations, portable sinks and a wet wipe station.

Cleaning Machines

These industrious machines are the perfect piece of equipment for heavy duty sanitation of floors and carpets. From steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers they are designed for large surface, heavy duty use. Many products are available as a demonstration before you buy ensuring confidence in your purchase.

Portable Sinks

It is never too early to teach children about washing their hands and the benefit of hygiene. Easy to use, the taps on the portable sink are easy flip for the smallest hands. It provides a steady flow of warm water for the children to independently learn to wash their hands.

Wet Wipe Station

The Wet Wipe Station eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria and germs left on hard surfaces, handles, toys and equipment so it is absolutely ideal for schools and nurseries.