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Sand and Water Play

Sand and Water Play

Sand and Water Play Activity Tables and trays are not only fun but educational for young nursery children.


Sand and Water Play opens a young mind to endless possibilities. And those possibilities start with science. You can teach nursery children to observe gravity first hand. Allow dry sand to flow through a funnel. Watch water cascade down a channel. Additionally, sand and water activity tables are help teach the difference between solids and liquids.

Group Activities

As the nursery children immerse themselves in such play’s delights, group activities can help them develop confidence. The teacher can make up some fun small group activities. Find buried treasure as teams, building castles or shapes. Communication as a team is key.

Sensory development

Stimulate a child’s physical development with Sand and Water Play Activity Tables.

Water and Sand help tremendously with sensory development. Touch, feel as well as manipulation of sand, water, and other malleable materials.

Sweeping the sand and mopping up water support motor control and co-ordination whilst fine motor skills are developed through handling equipment and tools such as funnels, pots and spoons.

Sand and water play is instrumental in building personal, social and emotional development in young children. The delightful sensory experiences children derive from playing with sand and water provide emotional contentment to young children.

Mathematics for young minds

Whilst children are playing and having fun; they are also developing key literacy and mathematics skills they will need in later life. As they weigh, measure, balance, and pour, they learn about space and volume, the fundamental building blocks of early year’s maths and science.

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