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Art Storage Units

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6 Draw Plan Chest

Product Code: AS14286
£569.95 Ex. VAT £683.94 Inc. VAT

4 Draw Paper Storage Unit

Product Code: AS14301
£495.95 Ex. VAT £595.14 Inc. VAT

Art and Craft Trolley

Product Code: FG19188
£199.95 Ex. VAT £239.94 Inc. VAT

Art Storage Trolley

Product Code: AS13113
£349.95 Ex. VAT £419.94 Inc. VAT

Bubblegum Art Cupboard

Product Code: AS14331
£919.95 Ex. VAT £1,103.94 Inc. VAT

Callero A3 Paper Trolley with Trays

Product Code: AS44001
£125.00 Ex. VAT £150.00 Inc. VAT

Callero Art Storage Trolley with Trays

Product Code: AS44002
£175.00 Ex. VAT £210.00 Inc. VAT

Mobile Art and Craft Trolley

Product Code: AS18309
£459.95 Ex. VAT £551.94 Inc. VAT

School Storage Trolley

Product Code: FG19183
£239.95 Ex. VAT £287.94 Inc. VAT

Paper/Art Material Trolley

Product Code: AS11501
£369.95 Ex. VAT £443.94 Inc. VAT

Art Storage Units

An art storage unit is an essential piece of furniture.  Children love art and craft and creating their own masterpieces. Through art they can truly express themselves away from the confines of more structured classroom learning. Art allows all children to operate on the same level as there is no right or wrong.

Once children have finished there may be paper, paints and crayons, coloured card, glue and tubes of glitter to pack up. Consequently, it is useful to have somewhere to keep such items in one place.  Children love art and craft so having somewhere to keep the materials is important.

Once the children have finished being creative, it is always useful to have somewhere to keep the art materials. Having an art storage unit allows everything associated with art to be kept together. This is important because it saves time looking for the equipment next time. In addition, it protects classrooms from paint spill accidents.

Benefits of dedicated art supplies storage:

  • keeps all art materials together
  • ensures paint is not accidently spilt
  • provides safe storage for art equipment when not in use
  • encourages children to develop good housekeeping habits

This range of art storage units provides the perfect solution. This is because they have been designed specifically for storing art equipment. They are functional pieces of furniture and because of this are essential within the art area. The range features a plain chest for paper storage as well as our art storage trolley. These are perfect for moving out of the way when creative sessions are over.

Whichever art storage solution you choose,  it will quickly become an invaluable piece of furniture.