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Classroom Carpets

A wide range of Classroom Carpets and Nursery Rugs in a multitude of themes, sizes and colours.

Classroom Carpets & Nursery Rugs

If you are looking for a classroom carpet or nursery rug then you are in the right place.

Our high-quality range of school classroom carpets, nursery rugs, entrance mats and play mats are perfect for any educational environment. This is because they feature a diverse range of bright, attractive designs to engage children from a young age.  They are ideal for a range of settings which include pre-school, playgroup, nursery, classroom, library or home education.

The range includes general school entrance mats, classroom rugs, early years play mats, and outdoor play mats.  There is a mat, nursery rug or classroom carpet for just about every purpose.

Our range includes our popular placement carpets. Placement carpets give a clear indication of seating areas, which is important because they allow children to take ownership of their own space. This means children do not infringe on others which means that harmony can be maintained with groups of children.

Our child friendly designs include themes covering alphabet, number, animals, mini beasts and nature. These curriculum based designs are not only fun and engaging, but they are important as they help  ensure children stay engaged with learning.

A functional, bright and modern range of quality classroom carpets, colourful children’s rugs and fun nursery rugs and mats. This is a highly visual range with distinctive, classroom-relevant designs.