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Catering & Cleaning

Catering & Cleaning

Unless you work in an educational environment, it is easy to underestimate the importance of catering and cleaning equipment in a school or nursery setting.

Children need regular meals in order to help with concentration and growth.  Our school catering equipment ensures a more streamlined and organised meal time.  You can make sure that each child is fed without stress.  Moreover, many of our clearing trolleys have the tools to allow your children independence from an early age.  With clearly marked places to deposit used equipment, your children will quickly fall into the lunchtime routine.  Before you know it they will independently clear their items away.  In addition, we also have a wide range of fruit trolleys, salad bars and cutlery and tray storage.  Children can either help themselves or be served.  Our range is wide and caters for many age groups from the smallest to high school children.

We even have a range of cooker trolleys for when your children are learning to prepare food.  Our vast array of school dining tables from folding to stacking is bound to suit your needs.

Cleaning equipment is vital to keeping a hygienic environment in your learning setting.  From portable sinks to wet wipe stations we have the tools you need to help your children with their personal hygiene and health.  Moreover, we have a varied range of cleaning machines to keep the environment around you clean from steam cleaners to vacuum cleaners we have the tools to help you.