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Mark Making

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Alphabet Owl Chalkboard

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Chalk Board Cubbies

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Counting Owl Chalkboard

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Dinosaur Chalkboards – Set of 4

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Nature Chalkboards – Set of 4

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Outdoor Chalkboards – Flowers

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Outdoor Chalkboards – Transport – Set of 5

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Sealife Chalkboards – Set of 4

Product Code: OS51043
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Mark Making

Mark Making is much more than just children scribbling with some chalk. When young children begin to ‘scribble’ it is easy to dismiss them as nothing more than lines, circles and blots.

In reality these ‘marks’ are the first steps towards writing and should be encouraged.  The skill of writing begins with this first step. Writing is a learned new skill and takes time and practice to perfect.  Mark making enables children to get to grips with holding a mark making implement. This may start with a crayon or chunky chalk and progress to brush and pen.

The benefits to children of mark making:

  • allows them to express their thoughts and ideas
  • they practise drawing skills
  • sparks creativity
  • develops hand to eye coordination
  • refines small motor skills

Fine motor skills will be developed as this skill is perfected and children will gain more control over the marks made. This means they will grow in confidence and their willingness to try new ideas will be increased. Hand to eye coordination will also improve as children decide what grip they prefer and experiment with the results they see.

As children start formal learning their efforts during this phase will ensure they  already have some element of writing ability. This means that they will already be in a position to hold a pencil to write letters, numbers and other ‘marks. All of which add to increased literacy ability as they progress through the early school years.

Our mark making products provide the ideal introduction to children embarking on that life long journey of learning in a fun interactive manner.