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Science is a huge topic is both scope and scale. For example it covers the human body, space exploration and even the weather and the environment. It is important therefore that there are a range of products available to help the teaching and understanding of this diverse subject range.

The joy of Science

Science is a fascinating subject. Children learn about an array of different topics all under the umbrella heading of Science. For example they learn about their own bodies and how their skeleton and each organ functions. They also learn about the weather and the environment and how consequently we are responsible for it. They learn about the mechanics of levers, gears and pulleys and even about nature cycles.

What Science brings to children:

  • an appreciation and respect of the world in which they live
  • respect for themselves, each other and their own bodies
  • a broad range of topics and lessons
  • an appreciation of the natural world and the weather

Science Based Resources

Science is a subject which is both complex and fun. It engages children because the subject matter covered is diverse and often fascinating. Many subjects also interlink, for example the human body and healthy eating. Or nature studies and the weather and environment. Each topic allows children to explore not only the theory but also put into practise what they learn in the classroom. For example, as they learn about their bodies and healthy eating, they make better and more informed choices at meal times.

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