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Baby Moves

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Curiosity Corner

Product Code: NP25105
£125.95 Ex. VAT £151.14 Inc. VAT

Geometric Perception Cushions – Pk 4

Product Code: NP25102
£75.95 Ex. VAT £91.14 Inc. VAT

Multipurpose Sensory Mat

Product Code: NP25098
£285.95 Ex. VAT £343.14 Inc. VAT

Perception Panel

Product Code: NP25103
£45.95 Ex. VAT £55.14 Inc. VAT

Perception Looking Glass

Product Code: NP25104
£65.95 Ex. VAT £79.14 Inc. VAT

Rockyroad Balancer

Product Code: NP25097
£145.95 Ex. VAT £175.14 Inc. VAT

Rockyroad Beam

Product Code: NP25096
£75.95 Ex. VAT £91.14 Inc. VAT

Rockyroad Tunnel

Product Code: NP25095
£139.95 Ex. VAT £167.94 Inc. VAT

Squidgy Rolls

Product Code: NP25100
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Baby Climb and Slide

Product Code: NP25094
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Toddler Tumble

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Visual Perception Balance Ball

Product Code: NP25099
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Visual Perception Playmat

Product Code: NP25091
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Visual Perception Mirror

Product Code: NP25092
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Visual Perception Soft Mat

Product Code: NP25090
£195.95 Ex. VAT £235.14 Inc. VAT

Baby Moves

The Baby Moves Neuro Gym is an award winning, unique and physical development programme. Designed especially to work with babies from birth which means it is fully linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and are also winners of the prestigious Practical Pre-School Awards.

Giving baby the best possible start

The Baby Moves Neuro Gym is unique because of how it has been developed. Specifically, it has been created in line with recent neurological research and is therefore aligned with how a child’s brain and body grows.  Baby Moves is perfect for children with a range of special educational needs because of the different colours and textures. The children are stimulated specifically to discover their movement potential because this gym range opens up a wealth of opportunity. For example, children learn to crawl, sit, lie and touch as well as recognise their reflection.

Benefits of the Baby Gym

  • provides a safe environment for babies and toddlers
  • encourages movement and exploration of their space
  • creates a visually stimulating yet safe environment
  • manufactured in the UK
  • wipe clean and durable

Baby Moves Neuro Gym

Provides the ideal environment for babies to practise and learn their capabilities. For example, will they lie on their tummy, roll, climb or balance? Or will they attempt the slide or the Rocky Road Tunnel? Are they brave enough to discover what lies at the other end? Or will they discover their reflection in the perception mirror?

The Baby Moves Neuro Gym enhances the aesthetic environment of your setting and is therefore suitable for the smallest of baby and toddler rooms. Manufactured in the UK and covering all the necessary safety requirements. Each piece is safe, durable and made from wipe clean PVC.

The Baby Moves Neuro Gym provides an enabling environment because babies explore in safety, developing their creativity and imagination.

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