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String Instruments

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String Instruments

String Instruments often form the base of a child learning how play a tuned instrument.  The ukulele is arguably the easiest instrument for a child to learn.  With four strings, children often find them much easier to navigate.  In addition, their small size seems perfect for youngsters who are keen to learn how to create a tune.

With just a few simple chords memorised your children will be surprised to learn that they are able to play recognisable songs.  It is so rewarding to watch children as a class moves from no knowledge to that of two or three different hand placements.  Suddenly they are playing songs together!  They are a band!  Your children’s confidence will soar as they succeed in playing a recognisable song with their friends or on their own.

When children play together as a group or whole class, it forms friendship bonds.  They will enjoy their success as a group and become closer as a whole.

Music is a universal language which starts at such a young age.  When you present your children with the opportunity to embark on a musical journey you are opening up a world of magic for them.  Moreover, as they learn and succeed you are imparting the age-old adage that practise makes perfect demonstrating that they can succeed if they try!