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Alphabet Soup Sorters

Product Code: CL74046
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Blends Digraphs Teaching Tubs

Product Code: LA19056
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CVC Puzzles

Product Code: EJ59076
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Large Spelling Mat

Product Code: LA62025
£99.99 Ex. VAT £119.99 Inc. VAT

Vowel Teaching Tubs

Product Code: LA19055
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT


Once your children start to understand the basic sounds of letters, they can move onto spelling.  Your children will learn to to understand how words are made of different sounds that fit together when you introduce our resources.  We have a range of items that can establish digraphs, long and short vowels and basic letter sounds.

When your children learn how to blend sounds, they can start to form simple words.  Your children will learn that words are divided into syllables which will help them to understand how to spell.

In their Early Years, children learn at a fantastic rate.  By the end of primary they will understand that not all words follow the rules.  There are many common exception words which they will just know from expert repetition and reinforcement in the classroom.  They will have been taught the skills to spell multi-syllable words.  Compound words become a thing of fun as they join words together to create a meaning altogether.  Terms such as digraphs and trigraphs become part of their daily language.

All this starts at a very young age with the tentative blending of letters to create their first written words.  Our range is certain to instil confidence in your children to progress and succeed in their literacy journey.