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Cooker Trolleys

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Cooker Trolley with Extending Table

Product Code: TT45117
£603.95 Ex. VAT £724.74 Inc. VAT

Compact Cooker Trolley

Product Code: TT45112
£428.95 Ex. VAT £514.74 Inc. VAT

Large Cooking Trolley

Product Code: TT45115
£379.95 Ex. VAT £455.94 Inc. VAT

Mobile Cooking Work Station

Product Code: TT45175
£1,199.99 Ex. VAT £1,439.99 Inc. VAT

Small Cooking Trolley

Product Code: TT45114
£313.95 Ex. VAT £376.74 Inc. VAT

Small Lockable Cooking Trolley

Product Code: TT45116
£391.95 Ex. VAT £470.34 Inc. VAT

School Cooker Trolleys

A School Cooker Trolley is an important piece of school equipment for the classroom. Teaching children to cook is seen as a key life skill because it teaches children food values and the importance of making healthy food choices. Children will learn how to prepare and cook food after seeing practical demonstrations.  Children are becoming more conscious of what they eat and trolleys such as these provide them with new recipe ideas.

Popular uses for school cooker trolleys:

  • allows cooking demonstrations within the classroom
  • children see how food is prepared and cooked
  • teaches children healthy cooking techniques

Watching practical demonstrations inspires children to want to have a go. Specifically, it teaches them different recipes they will want to try at home because they have been inspired. During practical demonstrations, children are exposed to an array of foods, spices and cooking techniques they may not have tried before. This allows them to expand their culinary knowledge, encouraging them to be more adventurous in the food choices they make.

This type of equipment brings to life what some children are learning in the classroom. For instance, some children are learning about their bodies and making healthy life choices during lessons. When children see healthy food being prepared and then understand how tasty it can be, they will want to put into practise what they have learnt in the classroom.

If you are looking for a mobile cooker we have a number of trolleys to chose from.  We can cater from the smallest to largest mobile cooking workstation.  Available in different styles and heights, some which allow you to choose the colour to compliment your settings school colours.  These Cooker Trolleys are included within our wider catering range which you may like to explore.