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Play Shopping

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Deluxe Market Set

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Play Shop/Theatre

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Room Scene Play Shop with Canopy – Open Shelving

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Play Shop and Theatre

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Toddler Market Stall

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Village Play Shop

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Play Shopping

Play Shopping opportunities are hugely important because they bring so many benefits to young children. for example, whilst they are pretending to be a shop keeper or customer they are practising their communication and maths skills at the same time.

The benefits of play shopping

  • promote cooperative play
  • develop communication and other skills
  • inspire creativity and design
  • perfect for role play and imaginative play

Our play shopping section includes play shops, plastic and wooden play food sets. Children can even set their own prices and ring up the purchases on tills to complete the purchase.  What are they going to stock in their shop? Will they sell fruit and vegetables? Or will they sell paintings made by the children during art class for example? Or will they be a general store with tin, packets and drinks on display?

During this kind of play children utilise what they have been taught in the classroom. They practice their maths by adding up the purchases for example. They practise their spellings as they design cards and labels for the products in their shop.

Role play for children

These play shops also help children understand what happens outside the confines of the classroom. They will see shops on their own high street and have more than likely been inside a supermarket. Through role play they create their own versions of reality. Children are inspired by what they see outside and recreate their own versions with their friends and peers in the classroom. The range even has tills and wire baskets.