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Maths Resources for Children

Maths is a key aspect of life. We use it at work, at home and even when we go shopping. Most of the time we use maths without even knowing we are using it. When paying for goods and services we work out our change, when shopping we estimate the bill, and at work or home for paying invoices and working out the VAT.

The digital age presents us with more numerical data than ever before and for young children it adds an additional premium to developing good numeracy skills. So maths remains an important vocational skill.

Having a range of maths resources for children allows scope and choice for teaching children what can often be a daunting subject.

Counting and Sorting

Engaging children in maths starts with counting, sorting and shape recognition. We have a wonderful array of counting and sorting products to help children develop these initial basic skills. These products are also great for improving hand to eye coordination and motor skills movements.  From giant pegs and wooden lacing beads to the colourful sorting crayons and rhyme and sort rockets there is something to inspire every child. Shapes can also be explored with an exciting, colourful and stimulating maths shape collection range. This specific range of maths resources for children introduces children to maths in a way that will encourage them to continue to hone and develop their maths based skills.

Early Years Maths

The range of maths resources for children moves on to encompass toys and games designed to help teach children about fractions, multiplication and numbers.  Numbers are made fun with this lovely range of products. From number carpets to letter and number jigsaws and from Cuisenaire rods to a base ten class set there is a product to help children understand and enjoy the delight that can be found in maths.