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Dolls Accessories

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Children’s 3 Wheel Stroller

Product Code: ED19254
£65.95 Ex. VAT £79.14 Inc. VAT

Dolls Bed

Product Code: EP75063
£49.95 Ex. VAT £59.94 Inc. VAT

Doll's Push Chair – Large

Product Code: EP32009
£75.95 Ex. VAT £91.14 Inc. VAT

Doll's Push Chair – Small

Product Code: EP32010
£65.95 Ex. VAT £79.14 Inc. VAT

Pram Cart

Product Code: ED18195
£95.95 Ex. VAT £115.14 Inc. VAT

Dolls Accessories

Our range of dolls accessories contains all the items needed for your youngsters to create a loving environment for their dollies.  Children will love to mimic mummy with their very own baby, developing nurturing skills from a very early age.

Role play is an intrinsic part of a child’s development.  Nurturing also plays a key part for both boys and girls in developing caring skills in later life.  It also provides hours of good fun.

With our accessories your children can take their babies for a walk in a pram and they can put them to bed when they are tired.  They will learn how to feel compassion and empathy which are integral life skills.  It is essential that children learn to take into account the feelings of others.  Moreover, the sense of responsibility when looking after their charge gives them pride in doing a good job.

Dolls play a crucial part in early years development.  Our accessories provide the opportunity to enhance their emotional development.  They also enhance their role play time by allowing them to recreate everyday scenarios.