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Outdoor Climbing Frames

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Outdoor Kinder Gym

Product Code: FO18450
£1,899.95 Ex. VAT £2,279.94 Inc. VAT

Children's Outdoor Wooden Bridge

Product Code: FO56013
£262.95 Ex. VAT £315.54 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Climbing A Frame

Product Code: FO18415
£659.95 Ex. VAT £791.94 Inc. VAT

Traverse Wall Panels

Product Code: SG29117
From: £699.95 Ex. VAT From: £839.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Climbing Frames

Outdoor climbing frames are active, exhilarating and fun because they allow children exercise opportunities outdoors.

The benefits of outdoor exercise

  • allows children to exercise and let off steam
  • promotes an active lifestyle
  • encourages the development of confidence and self esteem
  • develops cooperative play and encouragement between children
  • provide a focal point for the outdoor learning environment
  • develop gross motor skills and hand to eye coordination

Outdoor climbing frames are a staple piece of equipment for any nursery or school setting. They provide the perfect way for children to exercise and let off steam after the time spent in the classroom. Wooden climbing frames come in all different shapes and sizes and there is one to suit every budget.

Climbing frames not only provide the perfect means of exercise but they also help with hand to eye coordination. Will children be brave enough to try the slides, climbing walls and ladders? Or will they cross the a bridge and imagine what may be underneath? Is it a fast river or a mountain troll?

Climbing frames often have a variety of different activities included within them. This means there is something for every child to try their hand at. Children develop in skill, strength, agility and confidence each time.

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