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Tilt Top Dining Tables

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Tilt Top Table Circular

Product Code: FT90022
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Tilt Top Table Octagonal

Product Code: FT90020
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Tilt Top Table Oval

Product Code: FT90025
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Tilt Top Table Rectangular

Product Code: FT90023
From: £259.95 Ex. VAT From: £311.94 Inc. VAT

Tilt Top Dining Tables

Our Tilt Top Dining Tables are ideal for any multi-use space.  They are exceptionally strong due to their 38mm square tube frame.  The foot rail adds additional strength and makes them perfect for daily use in school dining halls.  Moreover, they are also the ideal table for community spaces such as village halls or scout huts which may be a yoga space one moment and a meeting space in another.  They are easy to open, close and then wheel away and store.

These Tilt Top school dining tables are available in a variety of colours and table edge finish.  In addition, they are available in a range of different heights from age 6-8 to 14-adult.  You can also chose from different shapes of table from circular, octagonal, oval and rectangular. They are truly versatile, durable and hard wearing.

The castors have a soft finish which improves traction on polished floors.  Moreover, this also prevents scratching.

You will definitely find that these tables are exceptionally useful and allow you to make full use of your space.