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Kids Dens

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Accessory Set – Large Cosy Cove

Product Code: FG18276
From: £279.95 Ex. VAT From: £335.94 Inc. VAT

Small Cosy Cove Accessory Set

Product Code: FG18271
£209.95 Ex. VAT £251.94 Inc. VAT

Blackout Den Kit

Product Code: ER18182B
£179.95 Ex. VAT £215.94 Inc. VAT

Camouflage Den Kit

Product Code: ER18182C
£179.95 Ex. VAT £215.94 Inc. VAT

Cosy Cove

Product Code: FG18270
From: £249.95 Ex. VAT From: £299.94 Inc. VAT

Indoor/Outdoor Folding Den

Product Code: ER18182
£249.95 Ex. VAT £299.94 Inc. VAT

Happy Architect Den

Product Code: EP19200
£199.95 Ex. VAT £239.94 Inc. VAT

Large Cosy Cove with Accessory Set

Product Code: FG18277
From: £579.95 Ex. VAT From: £695.94 Inc. VAT

Mirror Den

Product Code: EP50104
From: £299.95 Ex. VAT From: £359.94 Inc. VAT

Natural Habitat Tree Den

Product Code: EA19277
£99.95 Ex. VAT £119.94 Inc. VAT

Play Pod

Product Code: FG11726
£279.95 Ex. VAT £335.94 Inc. VAT

Play Pod with Bookcases and Accessories

Product Code: FG11729
£659.95 Ex. VAT £791.94 Inc. VAT

Play Pod with Curtains

Product Code: FG11727
£329.95 Ex. VAT £395.94 Inc. VAT

Play Pod with Curtains, Cushions & Mat

Product Code: FG11728
£549.95 Ex. VAT £659.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Den Kit

Product Code: ER18182R
£199.95 Ex. VAT £239.94 Inc. VAT

Sensory Dark Den

Product Code: EA37129
£139.95 Ex. VAT £167.94 Inc. VAT

Small Cosy Cove with Accessory Set

Product Code: FG18272
£429.90 Ex. VAT £515.88 Inc. VAT

Kids Dens

Kids dens provide a sanctuary where children can learn that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. They provide a different stimulus to swings, roundabouts and climbing frames and an opportunity for imagination to flourish.

Kids dens play an intrinsic part in children’s development and participation of creative role play. They provide the perfect place where friends meet, plans are made, and schemes plotted. A place secret pacts and code words are conjured and agreed, sharing thoughts and dreams between each other.

Our range of children’s dens provide a mixture of choice and diversity for children to create a perfect kids’ hideaway. Whether it’s the cosy cove with a variety of accessories, or the indoor/outdoor folding den which has a variety of covers to choose from, to the ever-popular play pod. There is something for all early year’s environments. We even have the toddler mirror den, so even the smallest of our charges can enjoy den play. The range is as diverse as it is accommodating to every budget and space consideration.


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