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        • Home / Art and Craft / Art Drying Racks

          Art Drying Racks

          • Mobile Drying Racks


          • Table Top Drying Racks


          • Spring Loaded Drying Racks


          • Wall Mounted Drying Racks


          Art Drying Rack


          Children love art and craft and creating their own masterpieces. Through art they can truly express themselves away from the confines of more structured classroom learning. Art allows all children to operate on the same level as there is no right or wrong. By simply applying paint to paper children can create their very own masterpieces for which they can be rightly proud.


          So it is important that there is somewhere safe for the paintings to dry. An art drying racks provide this very function as they are the ideal place to dry and store the wonderful works of art created by the little Lowry's.


          An art drying racks come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit a range of budgets, space and storage needs.


          Mobile Art Drying Racks


          Mobile art drying racks are available in either wood or with a wire frame construction. Being mobile means they are great value for money as they can easily be moved between classrooms.  The range features mobile art drying racks of between 15 and 40 shelves offering a great choice of size and storage need.


          Table Top Drying Racks


          These table top drying racks are perfect when floor space is at a premium. Made from coated wire they are easy to wipe clean and maintain. Perfect for both schools and nurseries they are available in both 20 shelf and 40 shelf versions.


          Spring Loaded Drying Racks


          Spring loaded drying racks mean that each shelf is spring loaded, providing easy accessibility to artwork. Manufactured from coated wire for easy maintenance they are also available as either floor standing or wall mounted, if floor space is limited.


          Wall Mounted Drying Racks


          A wall mounted drying rack is the ultimate in space saving. Being wall mounted means they are out of the way yet the children’s artwork is still safe and secure on the shelves. Available as 10, 15 and 20 shelf models.

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