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          Special Needs Toys


          Whilst toys are great fun, each in its own way can benefit a childs learning and understanding of the world in which they live. Toys can foster the development of motor skills, creativity, social skills and imagination. For a child with special needs, toys can give them a measure of control over their immediate environment. 


          Special needs toys can be used to great effect by all children, but they are particularly pertinent to children with special needs. These toys provide children with great reward for little effort. Whether they are rolling a roly poly drum along the floor watching it move and listening to the tickle of the bells inside it, or understanding how the flip fingers work, children take great delight in playing with toys such as these. Brightly coloured, often tuneful and with the added benefit of an action which can be repeated over and over again, these special needs toys allow education to be gained in a fun and unobtrusive way. These kinds of toys can easily be incorporated into the everyday toys of the classroom or nursery. 


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