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          Sensory Equipment and Sensory Resources


          Sensory equipment provides a wealth of learning opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. Sensory resources allow children to explore their five main senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell in ways which will enthral and delight. Sensory equipment comes in a diverse array of forms suitable for any classroom, nursery or sensory room setting. From sensory bubble tubes, to sensory toys, sensory bean bags and sensory play centres, pieces of sensory equipment and sensory resources allow children to explore their potential and capabilities and begin to make sense of the world in which they live.


          Toys are a fantastic sensory resource. Children can immerse themselves in the delights of a wooden activity board, play with the different elements on an activity cube or experiment with the rainbow bricks, or tubie toys. The range of sensory toys also includes liquid timers, threading toys, play pieces which glow in the dark and toys perfect for children with special needs.


          Our range of sensory equipment also includes beautifully crafted sensory play centres and sensory walls.  Sensory play centres, sensory tiles and sensory walls are ideal for encouraging children to reach out and explore different shapes, textures, sensory elements with a variety of different textures and fillings. They make what can be dull, plain floors and walls fun and can create yet another learning environment within the classroom, maximising the space available for learning.


          Another firm sensory resource favourite are the sensory bubble tubes. These pieces of sensory equipment and resources are ideal for use in a multi-sensory room, but in any classroom or nursery where they provide a mesmerising visual display for children enjoying a break from their more structured, formal learning. Treasure baskets are a firm favourite and our range contains a wide range of hand-picked, sensory rich resources.


          So whatever the age or ability of the child, sensory equipment and sensory resources help provide an engaging, stimulating and inclusive learning environment, encouraging children to explore, discover and enjoy.


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