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Cloakroom Trolley's

Keep your classroom or daycare clutter-free with a cloakroom trolley.

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Early Years Cloakroom Unit

Product Code: FG11750
£339.95 Ex. VAT £407.94 Inc. VAT

Callero Cloakroom Trolley

Product Code: FG44009
£369.95 Ex. VAT £443.94 Inc. VAT

Cloakroom Box Trolley

Product Code: GN45169
£419.95 Ex. VAT £503.94 Inc. VAT

Cloakroom Trolley with Mesh Storage – 64 Hooks

Product Code: GN45031
From: £419.95 Ex. VAT From: £503.94 Inc. VAT

Double Sided Cloakroom Trolley – 40 Hooks

Product Code: GN45030
£369.95 Ex. VAT £443.94 Inc. VAT

Mobile Cloakroom Storage Trolley

Product Code: FH26016
£79.95 Ex. VAT £95.94 Inc. VAT

Tuf Classroom Cloakroom Trolley

Product Code: FG16334
£289.95 Ex. VAT £347.94 Inc. VAT

Wooden Cloakroom Trolley – 16 Hook

Product Code: FG55014
From: £309.95 Ex. VAT From: £371.94 Inc. VAT

Wooden Cloakroom Trolley – 30 Coats

Product Code: FH16257
£399.95 Ex. VAT £479.94 Inc. VAT

Mobile School Cloakroom Trolleys for an organised classroom

A cloakroom trolley is an essential furniture item for the classroom or childcare environment. Easy to reach hooks and locker storage is the fastest and simplest way for children to put away their own coats and jackets.

A Cloakroom trolley on wheels for your classroom allows you to utilise the coat storage in the most opportune location ie, near the door or at the back of the classroom or even when the weather requires the trolley to be used.

Mobile Children’s Cloakroom Trolley Teaches Independence.

Encouraging a child to put away and take care of their belongings not only creates a clear and safer learning environment, but it also teaches responsibility. Teaching children to take responsibility for their coats and bags is one of the first steps a child faces towards independence in a classroom setting.

As such, they are an essential item for daycare and nurseries for both tidiness and as a teaching tool.

These trolleys are part of the Cloakroom Furniture Range