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Sand and Water Play

Sand and Water Play
Sand and Water Play opens up a world of science and discovery to young children. Whilst they immerse themselves in the delights of sand and water play, they are refining their physical development, developing self-awareness and self-confidence, building relationships, improving their literacy and mathematical skills and understanding a little more about the world in which they live.
A child’s physical development is stimulated during sand and water play. Children broaden their sensory experience as they manipulate sand, water, dough and other malleable materials. Sweeping the sand and mopping up water support motor control and co-ordination whilst fine motor skills are developed through handling equipment and tools such as funnels, pots and spoons.
Sand and water play is instrumental in building personal, social and emotional development in young children. The delightful sensory experiences children derive from playing with sand and water provide emotional contentment to young children. Friendships are formed as children play together, sharing in the delights sand and water offer.
Whilst children are playing and having fun, they are also developing key literacy and mathematics skills they will need in later life. As they weigh, measure, balance and pour they are learning about space and volume, the fundamental building blocks of early year’s maths and science.
Sand and water play also extends a child’s understanding of the world in which they live. Their exploration during sand and water play allows them to make sense of the physical world. They begin to understand what happens when they pour dry sand through the funnel and how it is different to when they do the same with water. They learn that waves are created when the surface of the water is hit and that some items will float and others will sink when put into water.
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