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Nursery Ride on toys

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3 in 1 Wooden Rocking Boat

Product Code: NT18252
£229.95 Ex. VAT £275.94 Inc. VAT

Bunny Ride On

Product Code: EB75045
£44.95 Ex. VAT £53.94 Inc. VAT

Cord Rocking Horse

Product Code: EB75015
£49.99 Ex. VAT £59.99 Inc. VAT

Cow Ride On

Product Code: EB75044
£44.95 Ex. VAT £53.94 Inc. VAT

Floral Rocking Horse

Product Code: EB75014
£49.99 Ex. VAT £59.99 Inc. VAT

Giraffe Ride On

Product Code: EB75043
£44.95 Ex. VAT £53.94 Inc. VAT

Push Cart

Product Code: NT18251
£84.95 Ex. VAT £101.94 Inc. VAT

Toddler Trike

Product Code: EB18192
From: £79.95 Ex. VAT From: £95.94 Inc. VAT

Toddler Trike Wagon

Product Code: EB18194
£87.95 Ex. VAT £105.54 Inc. VAT

Train Ride On

Product Code: EB75047
£49.95 Ex. VAT £59.94 Inc. VAT

Zebra Ride On

Product Code: EB75042
£54.95 Ex. VAT £65.94 Inc. VAT

Benefits of Nursery Ride on toys


So much fun

Made for toddlers and young children, Ride on toys for nursery play start with fun. So much fun, in fact, many adults remember their childhood trike or rocking horse. Nursery ride on toys add fun to each day and hours of entertainment for your young child.

Balance and Co-ordination skills

Ride on toys such as trikes, rocking horses, and toddler ride on trains help develop balance and co-ordination. Learning to get on and off, balancing on one foot, coordinating, pushing them forward or backwards. Even learning to sit tall and straight while in movement is developing balance. While these toys simply seem entertaining, they are helping skill sets in the brain.

Physical Activity

The physical activity generated by these toys ensures young children are kept active. Less television and more physical activity engenders good healthy exercise from a young age.


Whether on their own or with their little buddies, ride on toys can inspire imagination. A firefighter, police officer? What are they on their way to today? It must be important; they are really speeding down the hallway. As a parent or teacher, you can help light that imagination spark by dropping a few hints.

Nursery Ride On Toys are not only great for early childhood development and stimuli but are hugely enjoyable and uBer fun.

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