Nursery Radiator Cover

Nursery Radiator Cover

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A nursery is a place where a baby or toddler feels safe and secure. Whether they are in a commercial nursery with their friends or their own nursery at home, they are places where babies have the opportunity to play, learn and grow.  As they begin to explore their immediate surroundings and play with the toys and games in their room it is important that they are safe and protected. As well as putting door stoppers on doors and cupboards to prevent trapped fingers, nursery radiator covers are also an essential piece of nursery safety equipment. Nursery radiator covers provide protection to babies and young children from the heat generated by radiators when they are turned on.


Radiators can generate a huge amount of heat even when they are turned low.  A baby’s skin is delicate and is easily damaged. When they are crawling round their nursery and playing with their toys a nursery radiator cover allows heat to escape into the room but adds a safe level of padded protection from the direct heat of the metal.


This radiator cover is designed to protect against burns and bumps and is made from a fire retardant inner and outer material with quality padded filling.  The radiator cover protects a child from direct contact with the hot surface and offers protective wadding in the event of a slip-trip or fall. Available in vibrant red and blue or white.


Actual measurements of cover are L118 X H88cm, multiple covers can be used together to shield larger radiators.

Radiators Up to 102cm - 1 cover

Radiators Up to 182cm - 2 covers

Radiators Up to 269cm - 3 covers


Please note this item is made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.