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          Role Play Panels

          • Life Style Role Play Panels


          • Lifestyle Role Play Panel Sets


          • Tiddlers Town Role Play Panel Sets


          Role Play Panels

          Role play panels are a key staple of any classroom or nursery setting as they help to provide a focus when children are using their imagination and creativity.  Through role play, children not only have fun, but mimic situations and environments familiar to them. For example, they may imagine themselves as a shop keeper dealing with customers, or someone working in a garage fixing a car, or at the Post Office sending a parcel to a friend.  In each of these role play situations, the children are learning a wealth of other skills they will need in later life. As a shop keeper, they are learning about money, in the garage they learn about speaking with and understanding the needs of the customer. In the Post office they may learn about postage costs and buying stamps. The health centre role play panel can also be used as an interactive learning tool on the benefits of healthy eating. In today’s world of convenience and fast food a health centre play panel can encourage children to better understand their bodies and how to look after them.


          Lifestyle Role Play Panels


          Lifestyle role play panels help to create the scene the children may have in their head. The Post office role play panel, shop role play panel, garage, theatre, cafe or health centre role play panel, help focus a child's imagination and allow them to truly visualise the scene.


          Lifestyle Role Play Panel Sets


          Lifestyle role play panel sets make a feature of any classroom or nursery setting allowing you to create multiple scene scenarios for the children to enjoy.


          Tiddlers Town Play Panels


          Our sturdy Tiddlers Town Play Panels are constructed from 8mm multi-coloured covered MDF to provide years of use.


          Whichever panels you choose, role play panels allow children's imaginations to become reality and allow them to truly immerse themselves in the joy of role play.

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