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        • Glow in the Dark

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          Glow in the dark toys make an exciting and fascinating addition to any classroom or nursery setting, but are particularly engaging when used in a sensory room. Many of these toys, which glow in the dark can also be used under normal light, although the effects are less keenly felt by the children.


          As well as having a stunning visual effect, many of the toys in this range come with additional benefits for children, particularly those with special needs. The fluorescent drums for example contain marbles so they make an usual yet fun tinkling sound when rolled across the floor.  The  fluorescent mirror chimeabouts glow vividly when exposed to UV light but make a wonderful jangling sound as they are spun on their base even without UV light. Glow in the dark toys can be extremely stimulating, encouraging childrens visual and tactile sensory exploration which can in turn open up a whole new world of interaction and communication. 

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