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Team Equipment

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First Play Learn and Play Pack

Product Code: SA24010
£169.95 Ex. VAT £203.94 Inc. VAT

Boccia Set

Product Code: SA79001
£110.00 Ex. VAT £132.00 Inc. VAT

Catch and Balance Bands

Product Code: SA62037
£69.99 Ex. VAT £83.99 Inc. VAT

Maths Activity Chest

Product Code: SA24002
£154.95 Ex. VAT £185.94 Inc. VAT

Mobile Mega Play Pack

Product Code: SA24008
£219.95 Ex. VAT £263.94 Inc. VAT

Obstacle Course

Product Code: SA62038
£99.99 Ex. VAT £119.99 Inc. VAT

Pass and Catch Airball Game

Product Code: SA62043
£59.99 Ex. VAT £71.99 Inc. VAT

Playtime Activity Tub

Product Code: SA24009
£109.95 Ex. VAT £131.94 Inc. VAT

Rock N Fish

Product Code: SA19230
£39.99 Ex. VAT £47.99 Inc. VAT

Skip Fit Pack

Product Code: SA24004
£65.95 Ex. VAT £79.14 Inc. VAT

Tactile Discs

Product Code: SA41298
£114.95 Ex. VAT £137.94 Inc. VAT

Trumpet Step Set

Product Code: SA62040
£75.95 Ex. VAT £91.14 Inc. VAT

A comprehensive range of team equipment which is ideal for use in primary schools and nurseries. This selection helps develop all the basic skills and allows a variety of games.


Playground Games Equipment


Ideal for teacher led activities but equally useful for free play, sports days and wet play times.

Children will have a lot of fun playing in teams and small groups and this play equipment encourages cooperative play and teamwork.

Designed to encourage physical activity and development of gross and fine motor skills. This in turn helps children interact socially, increase physical dexterity and develop hand to eye coordination.