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Whiteboards for Schools


Whiteboards provide huge benefits in the classroom and are now seen as a standard piece of classroom equipment. They can be used in countless ways from simply writing answers to a question to showing maths calculations or playing learning games to consolidate understanding.

Whiteboards encourage whole class participation. Where a child may be reticent to raise their hand, they can write their answer down instead, helping to build confidence and participation in class. They also help teachers spot any child who is struggling with the task or has mis-understood the instruction. Because the whiteboard is visual, a teacher can quickly spot where a child is struggling and intervene quickly without disrupting the learning of the rest of the class or having to identify the child to the rest of the class.

Whiteboards allow for increased interest in learning. Drawing or writing on a whiteboard is much more fun than simply using paper! Anxiety levels in children are reduced because any mistakes they make can simply be wiped clean.   


Whiteboards are an ideal resource for developing literacy. For younger children, whiteboards are perfect for developing letter formation, writing and reading basic words.  Older children can also benefit from whiteboards, using them for practising spellings, extended writing and correct punctuation. Whiteboards can equally support numeracy learning as they are perfect for children to work together to solve calculations.

Using whiteboards in the classroom can also stimulate creativity, allowing children to experiment with pen control, drawing and colouring.

There are many different types of whiteboards to choose from. There are lap boards, perfect for children to use at their desks. The Wedge Whiteboard is ideal for small, targeted group learning and engagement either in the classroom or away from it. The larger magnetic, mobile and mon magnetic whiteboards are the perfect solution for front of class teaching. Our range of Youngstart easels are designed to be usable and adaptable and come with a 25year guarantee.

So, whether you are looking for a basic whiteboard or a vitreous enamel steel surfaced whiteboard we are bound to have a whiteboard to suit your educational setting.