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Physical Development

Physical Development in early childhood

As toddlers learn to walk, their world changes. Early year children begin to climb, hop, run and jump.

Fortunately, Edusentials has a comprehensive range of equipment made to encourage physical development in nursery children. Our equipment’s scope accommodates climbing, balancing, exercise mats, and traverse walls for motor skills development.

Whether your nursery needs physical activity equipment for small groups or individuals, we have it covered.

Physical Development Equipment for Young Children

Countless research studies show an increase in obesity as well as diabetes in teenagers. And that was before the disruptions to recreation and exercise due to Covid-19 throughout 2020.

So now, more than ever before, it is vital that good habits in both healthy eating and exercise are instilled at a young age. As teachers, carers and parents, we must take on this responsibility.

Edusentials has handpicked durable, quality physical activity and development equipment that makes exercise exciting. Additionally, our range covers all types of exercise, from climbing to swinging, team and group activity to personal challenges. Our personal development equipment targets healthy physical activity and fun!

Climbing frames for young children

As soon as children start to learn to walk and achieve balance, they soon want to explore their new vertical world. Climbing teaches them to use all four limbs. It encourages young muscle development as well as hand-eye coordination.

Traverse Walls

Also known as climbing walls, these aid in the forming and growth of balance, muscular strength, body awareness and motor skills. Additionally, they improve and stimulate sensory integration.

Benches, Beams and balancing

Improve core stability as well as muscle strength, control and endurance.

Playground Equipment

Our extensive range of playground equipment targets all areas of physical development from hand-eye co-ordination to strength, balance, problem-solving, fitness and endurance and imagination growth.

Benefits of outdoor early physical activity:

  • releases natural endorphins for increased positivity in children
  • boosts concentration levels inside the classroom
  • supports healthy exercise
  • encourages cooperative play and teamwork
  • ensures children can get their ‘wiggles’ out
  • is motivational, fun and exciting

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