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Outdoor Notice Boards

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Outdoor Notice Board – Bear

Product Code: PN36143
£409.95 Ex. VAT £491.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Notice Board – Bee

Product Code: PN36145
£409.95 Ex. VAT £491.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Notice Board – Monkey

Product Code: PN36144
£409.95 Ex. VAT £491.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Notice Board – Rainbow

Product Code: PN36146
£409.95 Ex. VAT £491.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Notice Board – Star

Product Code: PN36142
£409.95 Ex. VAT £491.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Notice Board – Tree

Product Code: PN36122
£409.95 Ex. VAT £491.94 Inc. VAT

WeatherShield Outdoor Notice Board – Freestanding

Product Code: PN36087
From: £449.95 Ex. VAT From: £539.94 Inc. VAT

WeatherShield Outdoor Noticeboard – Wall Mounted

Product Code: PN36086
From: £209.95 Ex. VAT From: £251.94 Inc. VAT

Welcome Chalkboard – Kids

Product Code: OS51003
From: £38.00 Ex. VAT From: £45.60 Inc. VAT

Welcome Chalkboard – Squirrel

Product Code: OS51004
From: £38.00 Ex. VAT From: £45.60 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Notice Boards

Outdoor notice boards are usually one of the first things visitors and parents are likely to see as they approach the school. So it is important that they are kept in good condition and contain relevant, up to date pieces of information. We offer a wide range of external notice boards which are perfect for nurseries, schools and colleges.

School notice boards which are designed for outdoors need to be weatherproof, which is why all of our outdoor notice boards have a waterproof seal around the door to ensure any display items inside are protected from the elements. They also come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit your particular preferred design.

Our freestanding lockable outdoor notice boards ensures that children cannot tamper with the contents. Available with a choice of sizes, frame colours and felt background colours it is a staple educational outdoor noticeboard perfect for almost any setting.

An alternative to the freestanding notice board is the wall mounted board. This board, like the freestanding version has a double sealed and fully enclosed case to ensure no rain or moisture can penetrate. It complies fully with the officially recognised IP55 test of dust and water ingress. Manufactured in the UK with a high quality aluminium frame, these external school display boards have either a one or two year manufacturer’s warranty.

For a more contemporary and original school display board design why not go for one of our nature or animal shaped outdoor notice boards. These outdoor notice boards are colourful, eye catching and yet still retain the key aspect of displaying school information in a watertight display frame.

Whatever design you choose, you are bound to make a superb initial impression on visitors to the school. All these outdoor notice boards also include a fully personalised “welcome to” sign ensuring that the sign you choose is integral to your school.