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Giant Outdoor Xylophones

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Giant Outdoor Xylophone – Multi Coloured

Product Code: JX97002
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Giant Outdoor Xylophone – Natural

Product Code: JX97001
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Giant Outdoor Xylophones

Music teaches children about social skills because it provides a bridge between children of different abilities and needs. Music is a universal language because it has the wonderful advantage of full peer participation. No matter who the child is or what specific needs they may have music will bring children together.

These Giant Outdoor Xylophones will be sure to draw attention and be a real statement piece in your outdoor classroom.

Children will enjoy exploring musical notes and making music in their leisure time.

The many benefits of making music:

  • inspires creativity and inspiration in children of all ages and abilities
  • allows for collaboration between children and group play
  • provides an opportunity for children to explore different sounds and notes
  • teaches rhythm and beat

These Giant Outdoor Xylophones are hand-made in the Highlands of Scotland. They are made from local, sustainable timber, such as Larch and Douglas Fir. These woods specifically have a nice resonance as well as being hardy and durable. Each instrument is built to last so there is no need for you to treat the wood.

The xylophones are tuned to your specification.  The most popular 2 tunings are pentatonic and diatonic.  The Pentatonic scale consists of 5 notes (and multiples thereof) while the diatonic is the typical western ‘do-ray-me-far-so-la-te-do’ scale.  Pentatonic scales are good for improvisation and for rhythmical playing whereas the diatonic is most useful for playing certain songs.

Unless you state otherwise, our giant xylophones will be supplied in the pentatonic scale.

Each Giant Outdoor Xylophone comes with 6 pairs of beaters. View both the xylophones in the range.