Fully Chromatic Alto Glockenspiel

Fully Chromatic Alto Glockenspiel

Product Code: JG23007 £159.95
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Percussion Plus – Fully Chromatic Alto Glockenspiel A quality instrument on a wooden base giving excellent sound projection. The base is lacquer finished for protection and durability and have non slip rubber feet. The note bars are made from specially selected aluminium and have the notation clearly stamped upon them. The uniquely designed notepegs are unobtrusive and prevent bouncing. This quality fully chromatic Glockenspiel ranges C52 to A73. Tuned A440. Includes one pair of beaters. The notes are correctly raised and spaced for playing and finely tuned. Diatonic = White Notes of a piano keyboard Chromatic Half = Black Notes of a piano keyboard Fully Chromatic = White & Black Notes of a piano keyboard


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