Giant Wooden Lacing Beads

Giant Wooden Lacing Beads

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Lacing Beads


This brightly coloured set of giant shaped lacing beads are good for developing manipulative skills and encouraging early mathematical understanding. 


A bumper set perfect for group activities.

Set consists of 144 giant beads in 3 shapes and 4 colours, and 12 laces.


Cube Size: 45mm.


Threading toys are an essential part of any classroom or nursery toy box. They help provide a crucial method of helping a child develop their fine motor skills, needed in later life for everything from writing to sewing to playing a musical instrument!


By holding the object to be threaded in one hand and the lace in the other, children begin to develop a control to their hands which allows them to successfully pass the lace through the object to be threaded.

Threading toys are also confidence building toys for children as their is no right or wrong way for the pieces to be threaded. Children can use their own imagination and place the objects randomly onto the thread or sort by size, or colour, or shape. 

However the child threads, they are developing a key skill.  Threading toys are not only great fun, but as well as enhancing fine motor skills in children, they help develop imagination, creativity and hand to eye coordination. A cost effective yet essential toy for any classroom or nursery.





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