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        • Sensory Bean Bags

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          Sensory Bean Bag Chair

          Sensory Bean Bag Chair

          XB88020 - From  £99.95

          Sensory Bench Bean Bag

          Sensory Bench Bean Bag

          XB88021 - From  £139.95

          Sensory Slab Bean Bag

          Sensory Slab Bean Bag

          XB88023 - From  £99.95

          Sensory Bean Bags


          For children and adults who experience disability or mobility difficulties, a sensory bean bag provides a wonderfully comforting place to sit and relax. Sensory bean bags are filled with a material which conforms to the contours of the body. This allows them to provide pressure relief from the day to day pain and discomfort which may be experienced in a wheelchair or usual chair or sofa. 


           Whilst the relief from pain and discomfort is likely to be appreciated by adults and children alike, sensory bean bags give children something more. As a child sinks down into the bean bag, they begin to feel safe and secure. These feelings mitigate any feelings of stress or anxiety which they may experience at certain times of the day allowing them to become receptive to learning, whether this is listening or quietly enjoying a book.


          Yet sensory bean bags play a wider role in the development of all children. Whilst they do offer welcome respite to those who spend time in a wheelchair, they are also valued and appreciated by all children. Their baggy, bulky, softly moulded frame makes them incredibly tactile pieces of sensory equipment which children enjoy picking up and throwing down in their favoured spot.  


          These sensory bean bags are fully waterproof. The bean bags have sealed seams and are manufactured from the most technically advanced fabric available. A transfer coating provides an impenetrable barrier to viruses and bacteria, yet the fabric is breathable. Easy to clean, durable and flame retardant to BS:5852 CRIB 5.

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