Tall Arch Play Panel

Tall Arch Play Panel

Product Code: ND18254 £89.95
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The Tall Arch Play Panel is part of our range of role play panels which are soundly constructed with a solid wood frame for maximum longevity and durability. An innovative modular linking system allows panels to be connected securely at various angles. For stability purposes during play please ensure a minimum of 2 panels are connected together and are joined at both the top and bottom. Our updated range has a new joining system that allows panels to be angled at 90, 135 and 180 degree positions. Image shows Tall Arch Panel with Counter and Plain Maple Panels (other panels available separately). Dimensions: 1310mm x 780mm x 43mm.

The Tall Arch Panel can also be used with our Bambino range and is the perfect entrace to any Toddler Area.
Other panels in the Bambino range measure : 700mm x 780mm x 43mm.

Panels in the range include the following:

ND18230 - Plain Wooden Ply
ND18231 - Fence
ND18232 - Mirror
ND18233 - Clear (Perspex)
ND18234 - Low Arch
ND18235 - Display (Hessian to take Velcro one side)
ND18236 - Window with counter
ND18237 - Magnetic (1 side)
ND18238 - Gate
ND18239 - Activity Panel A
ND18240 - Activity Panel B
ER18254 - Tall Arch 


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