RABO 3 Wheeled Wide Base Scooter

RABO 3 Wheeled Wide Base Scooter

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3 Wheeled Scooter


This scooter is a great addition to any playground. The 3 wheel scooter is a unique tricycle with its stable broad wheels and a spacious standing surface even the smallest ones enjoy a sense of security while standing on one foot and pushing along with the other.The 3 wheel scooter is lightweight and low to the ground with handles that are designed especially so little hands can easily hold on tight while pushing through the play area.


The tread surface is made of non-skid rubber, so children quickly gain a feeling of safety and security.

Suitable for children ages 1 - 4 years

Size: H60 x W46 x D61cm 

A 3 wheeled scooter will instill confidence in young children allowing them to prgress naturally to a 2 wheeled scooter and even a tricycle.


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