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          Outdoor Play Mats


          There is something quite liberating about being able to take the classroom outside. As the weather begins to get warmer it is so refreshing to be able to open the classroom doors and take the children and their learning out into the fresh air. Not only do children’s concentration levels rise when they are outdoors, but some children feel less restricted by being outdoors and are therefore more inclined to engage and participate in class discussion and activities.


          Outdoor play mats not only help provide an enriching and stimulating outdoor learning environment but they can also be used to trigger discussion and debate on curriculum based topics.


          We have a number of outdoor play mats which help support numeracy. Our rainbow numbers mini outdoor mats are a colourful, fun and engaging way for younger children to learn their numbers from one through to twenty four. Great for basic group numeracy and designed to encourage learning through interaction and play. As is our Hopscotch Outdoor Play Mat, Counting Ladybird Play Mats Set and our Chloe Caterpillar Numeracy and Literacy Outdoor Play Mat, ideal for number counting and teaching the alphabet.


          Other designs within our outdoor play mat range include designs aimed to support other areas of the curriculum such as geography and biology. For example, our life cycle outdoor play mat with its stunning depictions of the life cycles of birds, frogs, trees and butterflies is not only safe and comfortable to sit on but also an innovative and cleverly designed learning tool.


          Other outdoor play mats such as our giant ladybird outdoor mat are great for small groups of children to sit together, sharing in a group activity or each reading their own book. Our bee maze outdoor mat also promotes exercise as the children scramble across the mat trying to figure out the route the bee needs to take to reach the flower at the other end.



          Whichever outdoor play mat you choose, not only will it brighten up the playground or playing field but it will encourage continued learning outdoors in a fun and relaxed way.


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