Sand And Water Play

Let children indulge in all the fun of the seaside all year round with sand and water play. Whilst little ones are having lots of fun getting messy you will be introducing them to the crucially important subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Introduce them to new words and broaden their vocabulary as they learn words that describe the textures of different materials: soil, sand, woodchips, moss and leaves for instance. Sand and water play activities are also an excellent way of exploring weights, measures, building and construction, and learning the difference between solids and liquids.

There are so many interesting and engaging activities you can deliver through Sand and Water Play. Add a few simple Sand and Water Play Accessories to keep children occupied and stimulated for ages. Send them on a treasure hunt to find letters and numbers in the sand using the Sift and Find Alphabet Shells and Sift and Find Number Shells then challenge them to form simple words and sums with what they find. Alternatively give them a good old fashioned bucket and spade and let them dig, build and form shapes.

A Sand and Water Table is a must-have item for any pre-school classroom, nursery, early years and primary school setting. The overwhelming majority are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can always deliver your lesson as planned no matter what the weather. Many are height adjustable and include storage trays that also double as lids.

If you are considering adding a sand and water play area to an outdoor space then take a look at our Outdoor Sand and Water Trays. There are lots to choose from but one of our favourites is the Ellie Splish Splash Unit. Children will love using the hand pump to pump water through Ellie the Elephant’s trunk.

Our Titchy Tubs range is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to introduce children to a wide range of materials and the element of water. The interlocking tubs (multi-coloured or clear) fit together using the unique snap and twist connections so you can arrange them in circular or linear formation depending on the teaching space you have available to you.

Most people have very fond memories of playing in the sand pit when they were little, hence their perennial appeal. We can supply a number of different sand pits and sandboxes, from the simple, square Wooden Sand Pit with Lid to the bright red Crabbie Sandbox with its big crab eyes, claws and moulded in claw seats.

Introduce children to the force of gravity and explore civil engineering structures using Water Channels. One of the simplest, yet very effective resources for teaching how gravity works is with the Bamboo Water Channelling Set. Position the bamboo channels on top of a stack of Milk Crates to easily create height making a pretend mountain stream. You don’t have to hike up a hill with your little learners to witness the cascade of a waterfall. This can be easily re-created in the classroom with one or more of our waterfall resources: Kaskade Waterfall System, Titchy Waterfall and Creative Cascade.

As interest in canals and inland waterways increases, the Aqua Play Lock Harbour Marina is a fabulous introduction to how water is managed with locks, water wheels, pumps, boats, cranes and gates. If you need to accommodate larger groups of children take a look at the Aqua Play Lock Harbour, Ferry and Bridge.

Children love messy play. It provides them with an opportunity to express themselves and nurtures their creativity and imagination. Allowing children to express themselves through messy play is a key part of their development as it teaches them life skills. They learn to share play tools, take turns, listen to the suggestions of others and find their own voice to lend an opinion. Messy play is ideal for those children who prefer working by themselves but equally allows children to work and play together.

Whilst messy play is great fun for kids, washing their dirty clothes and clearing up afterwards isn’t such a treat for the grown ups, so protect their clothes using Aprons and Tabards and keep your play accessories together in a specially designed Sand and Water Storage unit.