Early Years Play Shopping

Bring mathematics, numbers, shape, space and measure to life in a fun and active way through play shopping. Counting, handling money, organising play food according to shape, size and colour, these are just some of the basic skills they will enjoy doing. It’s also a great way of building children’s confidence by encouraging social and key skills development as they learn to play co-operatively in their shop teams, take turns as they wait to be served and listen and respond to each other’s needs.

We have an extensive range of early years play shopping resources, each designed to suit a variety of age ranges and learning environments. Just as many successful retail businesses started out on a market stall, your early years learners can also explore the world of retail and trade by stocking and selling their goods from one of the many market stall play resources we have to choose from. One of the most sophisticated models we have is the Wooden Deli Market Stall which includes a double fridge compartment for chilled goods, a baked goods display and shelving for fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. For something simpler, take a look at our brightly coloured Market Stall with storage bins and canopy.

If you are looking for something a little smaller, take a look at our Toddler Market Stall which comes ready assembled and is designed for children aged 18 months+. If space is limited then our table top Wooden Market Stall could be the answer. This freestanding unit is designed to accommodate 6 Wooden Play Food Crates and comes with a calculator and shopping bags. Alternatively our dinky little Packaway Shop may be just the thing.

Our mobile markets are also good space savers as they can be wheeled to a play area as and when they are needed. The Mobile Market Stall is double sided to give children an opportunity to take turns at being shopkeeper and customer, whilst the Mobile Market is very versatile: with locking castors it can be fixed into position and adapted to any form of retail outlet that features over the counter service.

Our pretend shops are delightful and some of them double up as puppet theatres. Our Shop / Puppet Theatre is a 2 in 1 resource which can be disassembled and stored away when not in use. With its red and white check curtains, there’s a rustic feel to our Mobile Shop and Theatre – one minute it’s a shop, wheel it around and the next it’s a ready made puppet theatre.

It’s not a surprise that our Village Shop play shopping resource is an award winner. It is beautifully crafted and decorated in warm colours. Children will have fun setting the opening and closing times with the integrated clock with moveable hands.

Add the finishing touches to your children’s play shopping experience with a few simple accessories. Our Deluxe Market Set of brightly coloured play food (32 items) look just like the real thing. Your little shoppers will also need baskets and trolleys to carry all their goodies. Our solid wood Shopping Trolley is ideal for a ‘big shop’. It’s lightweight and includes a pretend child seat where they can place their favourite doll or toy. For a quicker, convenience shop you can’t go wrong with our Kids Wire Shopping Basket (pack of 10). This item can also be purchased with play food.

After all the fun of shopping comes the less fun bit of paying for it all. Play shopping is an excellent way of gently introducing children to the concept of budgeting. Our range of cash registers are designed to make doing sums practical fun. Our Calculator Cash Register with UK Money has a built in solar powered calculator, big buttons and a large digital display whilst inside, the cash tray compartments are designed to hold real money which is very useful if you are hosting fund raising or enterprise events where older children are given responsibility for handling money. Add the extra element of weights and measures with our Wooden Cash Register and Play Scales.