Play Food

Introduce children to other world cultures through food. Whilst they are learning the names of food items that may not be familiar to them they are extending their vocabulary, their sorting skills as they group similar items together and practising their counting. Play food is also a great way of reinforcing important messages around healthy eating, basic nutrition and the importance of their 5-a-day.

Our Multicultural Play Food sets are a great way of introducing young children to the countries of the world. Choose from play food that represents the traditional cuisine of Japan, France, Italy, China or buy a bulk set. The Japanese sushi play food looks very authentic and little ones’ manual dexterity will be challenged as they try to get to grips with chopsticks if they haven’t used them before (also included in the Chinese Play Food set). The French Multicultural Play Food set wouldn’t look out of place in a rustic French bistro, complete with bread rolls, cups, pots, pans, knives and forks. The Italian play food set contains pretend pizza, salami, meatballs and pasta.

We have a range of products that are designed to get kids thinking and talking about the food they see in shops and restaurants as well as considering their food choices and the effects these have on their bodies. The Fast Food Play Set has been designed with this in mind. Designed to be a starting point to discuss healthy eating and a balanced diet, this set includes pretend burger, fries, hot dog, fizzy drink and sauces. The Grocery Set contains 60 pieces of plastic play food that can be used for sorting, role play, counting and question and answer sessions. The set includes play food items such as fruit, vegetables, tinned goods, cartons. cheese, meat and sauces. For an even larger selection of play food then take a look at our Classroom Play Food. This storage tub contains 100 play food items representing all food groups made from chunky rubberised pieces.

Bring supermarket shopping to life with the Supermarket Play Set – 75 piece. This set also includes mini child-sized wire shopping baskets. We also stock a Kids Wire Shopping Basket with Food (also includes replica non-food items like pretend washing powder cartons).

If your pupils are struggling getting to grips with fractions then our Wooden Cut and Play Cake could be the answer. Fractions are printed on the pretend doily which is great for kinaesthetic and visual learners. It also includes 8 candles in 4 colours so is great for simple counting exercises.