Natural Exploration Treasure Basket

Natural Exploration Treasure Basket

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 Natural elements encourage and excite children to participate in discussion and explorations of the natural world around them.  This natural basket is filled with a range of items found in nature that allows children to explore, discuss and discover the natural world.


Pack includes:  1 KG River pebbles, 1KG Polished Stones assorted colours, 500g each of small and large shells, 250g each of Branch Chips, Branch Offcuts Oval, Branch Offcuts Circle, Branch Stumps, 250g Regular Pine Cones, Pack 10 Bark Squares, Assorted colours seagrass bundles pack of 4, Pack 4 Wild Willow Balls, Pack 20 Bodhi Leaves, 250g Assorted small Gemstones. 

Supplied in a deep rectangular maize basket.


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