3D Seasons Tree

3D Seasons Tree

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3D Seasons Tree

Our fantastic wooden seasons tree consists of two interlocking structures that when assembled together provide a blank canvas for a multitude
of craft projects. Children can spend hours of fun decorating the tree to represent each of the seasons or each quarter could represent a different
season all at the same time.

A wonderful resource to demonstrate the changing seasons and help children understand the chronological events of the year and the concept of
change and growth relating to nature. A true spring board for discussion.

Also a great oportunity to get the children being creative. The tree is made from wood and the branches are drilled for easy placement of
decorative items to correspond to the four seasons.

The set includes four cardboard sheets (35 x 50cm) which contain various items typical for each season,
e.g. fruit, swallows, snowflakes, yellow leaves. These items may be cut out and hung or placed on the tree.

Other items can be drawn and created using other materials (e.g. cotton wool can be used for snow in the winter display),
or indeed collected from nature trails. Children will love collecting leaves, pinecones, acorns etc to adorn the tree and have pride in their own creation.

Size: H120 x 75 x 75cm

Recommended Age: 3yrs+



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