Role Play Panels

Role play panels are a key staple of any classroom or nursery setting as they help provide a focus when children are using their imagination and creativity whilst encouraging them to build relationships and become more confident. Through role play children not only have lots of fun but mimic situations and environments that are familiar to them. For example they may imagine themselves as a shop keeper dealing with customers, or someone working in a garage fixing a car, or at the Post Office sending a parcel to a friend. In each of these role play situations the children are learning a wealth of additional skills they will need as they grow up. As a shop keeper they are practising their counting and learning about money, in the garage they learn about speaking with and understanding the needs of customers, whilst in more general terms they a re learning to be patient, to share and co-operate with others.

Using our extensive range of sturdy, solid wood mix and match Lifestyle Role Play Panels you can create a virtual role play community. Fix them together (a minimum of 2 panels is required for stability) and use them to create a role play corner which can double up to create a semi-private area for learning and discussion within a larger open space. Panels have been designed to reflect the buildings of a typical high street and include: shop counter, health centre, cash point, Post Office, garage, theatre and school. You can also create the illusion of a house with door and window role play panels.

Whilst our Lifestyle Role Play panels can be purchased individually, many of our customers opt for our multi-coloured Lifestyle Role Play Panel Sets. Each set includes 3 themed play panels. Choose from: shop, theatre, professions and lifestyle. Alternatively you can purchase a set from our simpler range of affordable Maple play panels, choose from a starter set, creative play, home play, counter, shop and drama themed sets.

If space is limited, then our flat pack melamine board three piece panel sets are worth taking a look at. They can be slotted together quickly then dismantled and stored away when not in use. Sets are available in the form of a house and castle.

Encourage children to take responsibility for the environment and learn about the effects of litter by installing a Recycling Activity Centre and Accessories. The Recycling Activity Centre comes with 3 plastic bins labelled for the collection of cans, plastic and paper.

Create a pretend town for your early years learners with our Tiddlers Town Role Play Panel Sets. There are plenty of play shops to choose from. The Market Stall Shelf Set, Supermarket Stall Set and One Stop Shop are all designed to encourage children to become more confident with speaking, listening, understanding, maths and literacy as they co-operate with each other, pose and answer questions, write out their daily special offers on the dry wipe notice board, check opening and closing times with the clock panel (supermarket only), pretend to weigh stock and count out money.

The fun doesn’t stop when the shopping is done! Your busy little shoppers will love socialising with their peers in the Café and Tea Room Set, which includes a table extension (easily be accessorised with items from our Play Food and Play Shopping ranges). Meanwhile put your learners in a position of responsibility with the Emergency Services Set, so they can pretend to look after the welfare of the residents of their community.

Give children an all-in-one role play experience with The Arcade Set. This is one of the largest role play panel sets we stock. It forms a complete, self-contained play space and includes many of the most popular shopping panels including the ATM, canopy and counter, drywipe board with clock, café and library. Your little shoppers can even use the pretend petrol pumps to fill up their pretend cars!