Kids Play Tents

Kids’ play tents and children’s dens provide sanctuary where children can learn that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. They can huddle together in small groups or seek solitude in their own personal hideaway space to read a book and be imaginative.

The play tents and dens we have come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From a simple pack of tarpaulins which can be used as a groundsheet or waterproof cover for a den, to large pieces of playground equipment like the Explorer Den Set which is made from galvanised steel that is guaranteed for 5 years.  With a selection of tents and dens that are designed for indoor and/or outdoor use there’s something to fit every conceivable early years learning environment no matter what the weather has in store.

If you need something quite simple which takes up very little space, then take a look at our range of canopies. Simple but beautifully decorated fabrics that can be draped to provide kids with space to relax and read a book or role play. Available in three themes: Night Sky, Spring Summer and Daytime Sky. You may also be interested in our Wigwam which makes a simple retreat either indoors or outdoors or our Clock Tent which is a traditional fabric playhouse design decorated with colourful illustrations of the clock face and letters of the alphabet. The multi-coloured Mega Mansion can be popped up and down in seconds and it doesn’t come with a mansion like price tag! Or what about a simple metal frame Play Tunnel? Select different covers to create different moods: blackout, brown, white, camouflage, green or threading strips. These are particularly effective when you want to lead little ones through to zoned areas for special events, eg, a Santa’s grotto at Christmas.

We have a great selection of dens. Our Giant Den is available as plain fronted or you can jazz it up with one of the many interchangeable themed doorways: space rocket, castle, gingerbread house, forest cabin and yellow submarine.  Our wooden Mirror Den is suitable for toddlers. They can enjoy their own reflection in the safety mirrors whilst light comes in through the cut out shapes on the roof. For something a little simpler, take a look at our Indoor / Outdoor Folding Den. This can be put up and folded away with relative ease and comes with a variety of covers: blackout, camouflage and rainbow.

Nature themed dens and playhouses have always been popular. Our Garden House Hideout is absolutely stunning. Made from plywood it can be used outdoors during dry weather or it can be set up indoors. Decorated in large, colourful fabric flowers with a peek-a-boo flower window and floor mattress (also doubles as a groundsheet), it’s enchanting.  The Natural Habitat Tree Den looks like a tree stump and comes complete with its own tunnel.  Young Bear Grylls’ fans will love playing and hiding away in our Plastic Willow Look Folding Den which can be purchased with or without a camouflage netting. For older, more adventurous kids, we have a complete Den Making Kit which contains items such as milk crates, clamps and a rubber mallet so they can construct their own den the old fashioned way.

Our range of Play Pods make great dens for nursery settings. The Play Pods come in several designs from the basic arch with cover to more elaborate models that include bookcases, cushions, curtains and mats.

If you have a child that needs to get away from the noise and activity around them, then the Sensory Dark Den is a great escape for them. Designed to give children the experience of complete darkness and solitude they can introduce their own light sources such as torches or sensory lights, when it suits them.

Budding astronauts will love role play in our Rocket Teepee and kids who enjoy being creative and expressive arts and design, will enjoy our Paint your own Teepee.