Magic Light Easel

Magic Light Easel

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The Magic light easel is a unique product meant for art, self-expression and therapy. The edges of transparent glass glow in the dark and any paint or material placed on the glass surface becomes enlightened. Children can draw on the easel from both sides at the same time using their fingers, various brushes, non-permanent markers,  making imprints with palms and in many other ways. This is a fantastic sensory resource and also a great addition to your art and craft resources.


There are 16 colours and 4 automatic colour change programs. The same painting will change like a chameleon just by switching the light colours on the easel.


The safety  glass (extra clear tempered glass, 6mm) is detachable, so it can be taken out, washed and used again and again.


Width 557mm, height 467mm.